Information regarding the handling and protection of personal data.

This is according to the Italian data protection Law no. 196/2003 art. 13 , referring to anyone connecting to Finimpianti official website, via . This can be applied to Finimpianti website only, not to any others web sites reachable using links eventually located in Finimpianti website.


Responsible for the safety of your personal data is Finimpianti S.r.l., Oglianico (Torino), Via Aldo Moro 9, 10080. Our protection does not extend to the websites of other providers which can be accessed via links on Finimpianti website.HANDLING OF PERSONAL DATA :
Handling of personal data is done in Finimpianti by Finimpianti staff or external operators taking care of the maintenance of the information system. No data collected from the website is used outside Finimpianti a part those cases required or permitted by law. Personal data provided to receive information materials ( catalogues, Cd-rom, newsletters, etc. ), can be shared with third parties, to permit the service required only ( courier services, etc. ). Personal data are kept and used for the time strictly necessary to pursued the aim of the collection.

Data from the web When visiting a website a trace of the visit is generated. These information are used not to identify the visitors, but to evaluate the usage of the website in statistical terms. Potentially, these information can be used to the legal authorities to investigate illegal use of the website. Data provided by the users Users may voluntarily give personal data and e-mail address to receive specific replies or news. This can be possible using Register or Contacts pages.

Users have the right to query regarding personal data saved at any time. They can verify if the data is correct, ask to correct or modify, or cancel it according to art. 7 of d.lgs. n. 196/2003. Enquiries must be sent to Finimpianti using Contacts page.